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Victoria to consider building parkade north of downtown to reduce number of vehicles on streets


City of Victoria Councillors Matt Dell and Dave Thompson will be bringing forth a motion at a council meeting this week in which they will be pitching that the City explores options of building a parkade north of the downtown core. 

Their goal in this endeavour is to reduce the number of vehicles on the city’s historic and congested streets. 

This endeavour was briefly discussed at a council meeting on May 16th in which City staff suggested that a council member bring it forward as a motion rising.

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The two councillors believe that this would be in the best interest of the City as it would help mitigate the climate emergency, housing crisis and growing downtown core. 

In addition to helping combat these issues, Dell and Thompson say it may encourage people to use their vehicles less and instead opt to take transit, ride a bicycle, walk and use other forms of active transportation. 

They also said that the possibilities of cheaper parking could be a key incentive to have people park outside of downtown and finish their commute some other way. 

“In order to support a transition towards having fewer personal vehicles in the historic downtown core, it’s essential that policies and plans are in place to encourage vehicle storage to take place outside of the core of the city,” Dell and Thompson wrote in their motion. 

“The practice of building parkades outside of urban cores is commonplace, which helps create quieter and safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, mobility device users and the broader community.”

According to Dell and Thompson, one way to fund this new parkade could come from selling or redeveloping a current City-owned parkade such as the Centennial Square Parkade. 

In order to achieve this goal, city council would have to amend the following policies:

  • City of Victoria Climate Leadership Plan 
  • City of Victoria Sustainable Mobility Strategy 
  • City of Victoria Official Community Plan 
  • Victoria Regional RapidBus Implementation Strategy 
  • Capital Regional District Regional Transportation Plan 

The recommendations of their new parkade motion are to have staff explore the potential of creating a new parkade or somehow increasing the capacity for public parking north of downtown and to include objectives in their report for policy changes that would be necessary. 

Would you park further out of downtown when commuting if it was cheaper and reduced traffic? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Curtis Blandy

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