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24-year-old woman bites West Shore RCMP officer during impaired driving investigation


A 24-year-old woman was arrested after attempting to flee and biting a police officer’s arm during an impaired driving investigation.

In the early hours of Friday, June 7th, West Shore RCMP responded to reports of an impaired driver near the intersection of Merchant Way and Kelly Road in Langford.

According to police, a woman was seen consuming a substantial amount of alcohol before getting into a 2008 Hyundai Accent and driving away.

Officers located the vehicle shortly after near the 2700 block of Jacklin Road.

When officers approached and informed the driver that she was being investigated for impaired driving, she became confrontational and attempted to flee on foot.

After a brief chase, a struggle ensued during which the woman bit an officer’s arm.

The suspect was subsequently arrested on multiple charges including impaired driving, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest.

The 24-year-old woman was taken into custody and appeared in court the same day.

She faces several charges including impaired driving, refusing to provide a breath sample, obstruction of an officer for resisting an arrest, and assault a police officer.

Following her court appearance, she was released and is scheduled to appear again in the coming weeks.

The West Shore RCMP officer involved sustained minor injuries but is expected to make a full recovery.

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