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BC United call out Conservative leader for supporting controversial ‘Reclaiming Canada’ event


This weekend, a controversial event is taking place at Victoria Conference Centre, which many groups and organizations have been saying will be harmful to marginalized Victorians. 

Now, the BC United Party has called out John Rustad, leader of the Conservative Party of BC for supporting the event. 

“As the far-right ‘Reclaiming Canada’ conference, hosted by We Unify, begins today in Victoria, BC United is calling on BC Conservative leader John Rustad to explain whether he and his BC Conservatives continue to endorse the views of this conference, as they did last year,” reads a media release from BC United. 

They say that John Rustad and several of his party members have given the event their endorsement. 

BC United says some speakers at this conference views are based in anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric, as well as a “wild conspiracy theory that the government is trying to force people to eat bugs.”

This year’s Reclaim Canada conference features speakers including Artur Pawlowski, John Carpay and Laura Southern. 

Southern is a published author who penned the book titled Barbarians: How the Baby Boomers, Immigration, and Islam Screwed My Generation, and has also posted videos to social media where she writes anti-Islam messages on her face. 

BC United says she is banned from entering multiple countries due to her views.


“John Rustad claims that he is standing up against Islamophobia, yet he and his BC Conservative candidates and staff are intrinsically linked to an alt-right conference featuring someone with such anti-Islam and racist views, that they have been banned from entering the United Kingdom under the Schedule 7 of the UK’s Terrorism Act,” said Peter Milobar, BC United MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson.

“John Rustad must clearly denounce this conference once and for all, and explain to British Columbians why he and his candidates endorsed it in the first place.”

In addition to the BC United disagreeing with the views of this conference over racist allegations, many people are concerned about some speakers’ hateful rhetoric towards the 2SLGBTQI+ communities.

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