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Beloved doughnut shop in downtown Victoria announces permanent closure


The Doughnut Vault set themselves apart as one of the best shops in the city ever since it launched in summer of last year, but now announced it will be closing for good. 

As of Saturday, June 29th, Victoria will have to get their doughnut fix somewhere else. 

Doughnut Vault’s sole Owner and Operator Andrew Furness turned to social media to announce the closure and thank those who have helped him along the way.  

“To be honest, the decision wasn’t very hard. And although I absolutely love making doughnuts and other treats for everyone to enjoy, the negatives just started outweighing the positives for me,” wrote Furness.

He assures customers who have orders submitted to him that have been approved that they will not be affected and he will still be completing the orders.

Furness added that until Sunday, June 23rd, wholesale doughnuts will still be available at Habit, Rudi as well as Level Ground. 

“I will be actively trying to figure out a small storage and kitchen deal so I can do monthly pop ups throughout the city, so I’m not completely disappearing…and will be keeping the Instagram very active and running and updating with all the pop up information, news, etc,” he wrote. 


Furness says he could not have done what he has without help from his partner, the Public Market in downtown Victoria and Working Culture Bread. 

“These beauties were truly selfless towards me for the last year,” Furness wrote. 

“Y’all unequivocally wanted me to succeed, and gave me your time and knowledge (constantly) without ever asking for a thing in return. Thank you for your mentorship and your friendship and love.”

In an effort to end the endeavour he so passionately began positively, Furness did not go into detail as to why he is halting the business.

Editor’s Note: Since sharing this announcement, Furness has deleted the closure announcement post from his social media.  

Curtis Blandy

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