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Gospel group to open first Victoria-based recovery home for women and children


The Union Gospel Mission (UGM) will be opening their first Victoria-based recovery home for women and children. 

With other locations in Vancouver and Fraser Valley, having a new location in Victoria will provide needed access to services closer to home. 

UGM specializes in recovery options for moms who wish to bring their infants with them, as opposed to a separation that often makes recovery more difficult. 

The new space will be called Arrow Home and is slated to open this summer—offering a safe and warm environment where women will be able to heal under the care of supportive staff and companionship of other members. 

An alumna of one of UGM’s services had to relocate from Victoria to Vancouver during her own recovery, and in a media release, she shared some of her own experience trying to recover without those immediate resources.

“I had so many friends die from toxic drugs, and at the peak of my addiction I was using fentanyl everyday—I knew it could be me next,” said Hannah.

“I was 31 when I ended up collapsing on the street… in Victoria trying to detox on my own. I wanted help but I didn’t know where to get it, and there was nothing available for me [at that time] on the Island.”

UGM wants the Arrow Home to prevent other women from going through what Hannah, and so many other women (particularly new moms), did.

According to the media release, since 2020, the rate of toxic drug deaths amongst women in BC has doubled. 

“Women need to have more accessible recovery options to seek treatment, heal and thrive,” it reads. 

“Moms can face many barriers to seeking recovery. Whether it’s facing societal shame, the fear of losing their kids, or not knowing where to access the right treatment, Arrow Home will provide safe, stigma-free, and compassionate care to moms in Victoria.”

Arrow Home will have the space for six women and their babies to live together while going through UGM’s program, which lasts up to 12 months. 

The building is flooded with natural light and surrounded by lush greenery and spacious gardens. They wish for it to be an optimal setting for healing. 

To learn more about UGM’s programs, you can read about their programs and services, here.

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