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Here’s what caused the rainbow-coloured ‘jellyfish cloud’ over Oak Bay (PHOTOS)


If you happen to be in and around the Oak Bay area Thursday, you were likely treated to a spectacular sky show: a cloud formation that resembled a rainbow-coloured jellyfish.

This cool sight isn’t just a pretty thing in the sky, it’s actually called a “fallstreak hole” or “hole punch cloud.”

Fallstreak holes show up in high clouds made of supercooled water droplets, which stay liquid even when it’s below freezing.

You usually see these holes in cirrostratus or altocumulus clouds. They form when the water droplets suddenly freeze into ice crystals.

The “tentacles” that are often visible beneath these holes are actually the result of the ice crystals falling through the atmosphere. These falling streaks, or virga, dissipate before reaching the ground, creating the characteristic jellyfish-like appearance with a clear head and trailing legs.

So if you missed it, make sure to check out the video posted in the Victoria Buzz Facebook group here or see the photos below captured by Colin Smith:

(Colin Smith Takes Pics)
(Colin Smith Takes Pics)
(Colin Smith Takes Pics)
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