Friday, July 19, 2024

There’s a new Indigenous art installation at Sooke Potholes Gateway


Time to take yourself and some loved ones on a little adventure!

Sooke Potholes Gateway has just unveiled a new art installation designed by T’Sou-ke Nation artist Shelley Davies. 

This captivating piece, depicting a split bear design, is titled SPÁ¸EŦ and tells a story of the deep connection between the community and its natural environment.

“The split bear design is unique in its presentation,” a media release reads. 

“Each side of the bear’s head is a single side profile, but when viewed together, they form a front profile of the bear.”

On the bear’s belly is a salmon design, which symbolizes the relationship between both of them and the ecosystem. 

 “The salmon feeds us all. I hope when people see this installation, they feel a stronger connection to the river,” said Davies.

“It’s vital to our ecosystem to keep our river healthy and ensure the salmon keep coming back. The Sooke River is truly a sacred place, and I am humbled to have this design there.”

The Mayor of Sooke, Maja Tait, expressed her gratitude for the T’Sou-ke Nation’s support and emphasized the importance of the collaboration and of the integration of the SENĆOŦEN language.

She added that it reinforces their shared commitment to preserving the natural beauty and health of the river. 

They invite everyone to visit, reflect, and be inspired by this powerful symbol of unity.

Later this year, the District of Sooke plans to launch a digital art walk that will feature installations throughout the community. 

As stated, they aim to provide an accessible platform for residents and visitors to experience and appreciate the diverse artistic expressions that breathe life into public spaces.

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