Monday, July 22, 2024

‘Faith in humanity restored’: Sooke man takes to social media as lost wallet is returned


We all know life can get busy, and sometimes the whirlwind of stress can cause us to forget even the most important of items. 

A Sooke man happened to be having one of those days, admitting that in the process of organizing kids after working in the heat all day, he must have left his wallet on the roof of his truck. 

As one can guess, the wallet didn’t make it all the way home with him—which we can imagine was an additional source of stress after a long day. 

However, to his surprise, the wallet was in fact returned to his home by a good samaritan believed to be from the area. 

The owner of the wallet took to social media to thank the man that was kind enough to return it. 

“It must have fallen off near the museum and you were kind enough to drive it back to me at home,” the man said in the Facebook post.

“Restored faith in humanity [sic] you are a real badass man.”

The comment section has been flooded with positive feedback and thankfulness for this selfless act. 

“Thankful n greatful for good pplz in our world [sic],” one comment reads.

“This kindness will come back to you,” said another.

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