Monday, July 22, 2024

Footage shows close call for brush fire near Port Alberni home (VIDEO)


Vancouver Island’s temperatures have been soaring and so have the risk of wildfires.

Since Canada Day weekend, temperatures have climbed to high 20s most days with some days reaching the low 30s.

While we don’t want to jinx it, wildfires across the island have been very minimal up to this posting, however, a residential fire in Port Alberni Monday night showed how quick things could change.

The Port Alberni Fire Department was dispatched to a quick-moving brush fire near the corner of 4th Avenue and Redford Street.

Video from the scene showed flames completely engulfing several trees and bushes along the fence of the home.

The owner of the property said they aren’t sure what caused the fire but confirmed no people or pets were injured.

No structures were damaged either.

As of this publication, there are currently 97 wildfires across the province with 11 starting over the past 24 hours.

There are currently no wildfires on Vancouver Island.


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