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Fry-YAY: 15 spots in Greater Victoria where you can get the perfect golden french fries


There may not be any food that’s as universally loved and enjoyed as the french fry—when they’re done right, the crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside little pockets of perfection please even the pickiest of palates.

In fact, they’re so delicious that a national day has been created in their honour, which happens to be this Friday, July 12th.

But this begs the question—where can you get the BEST french fries locally? Well, we asked, and the people have spoken.

In a post in our Victoria Buzz Facebook group, we asked the masses what they thought was the top spot to grab a side of fries, and boy, did they deliver!

From Maude Hunter’s Pub to McDonald’s, here are 15 spots in Greater Victoria where you can get the perfect golden french fries—as voted by you:

Leopold’s Tavern

(Leopold’s / Dill Pickle Snack fries)

They call them ‘Snack Fries’, but we can’t see why you couldn’t make these guys a full meal. Leo’s lets you customize your snack fries to your liking, with a variety of different sauce and toppings options!

Where: 570 Yates Street

Boom + Batten

Boom + Batten does everything on a whole other level, so why would their fries be any exception? A special shout out goes to their ‘truffle parmesan fries’, which were mentioned more than a few times!

Where: 2 Paul Kane Place

Superflux Cabana

Oftentimes, fries are just a vehicle for sauce and other delights, but we feel like these would be good even without all of the accompaniments! Curly fries are ALWAYS a good idea, and Superflux used them as a base for their mouthwatering Cabana fries and then made them even better.

Where: 804 Broughton Street

Nautical Nellies

Name a more perfect pairing with a delicious lobster roll—we’ll wait. Nautical Nellies is a top destination for steak and seafood alike, but their crispy golden potatoes are not a side you’ll want to skip out on!

Where: 1001 Wharf Street

Maude Hunter’s Pub

Sometimes you just have a hankering for some double-battered pub fries, and we can’t even blame you, because Maude’s fries look divine.

Where: 3810 Shelbourne Street

Chicken World

Fried chicken + fried potatoes are a match made in heaven, and you can’t tell us any different! Chicken World offers crispy delights in the way of both, and you certainly won’t be leaving there hungry.

Where: 924 Pandora Avenue

Beacon Drive-In

When you’re feeling like a classic side of french fries, this iconic Victoria staple delivers. Plus, have you ever tried dipping fries in a vanilla milkshake? Amazing.

Where: 126 Douglas Street

Burger Crush

It’s safe to say we’re crushing on these Crush Fries—big time! To create something this amazing, you have to have a good base, but topping that base with cheese, fried onions and Crush sauce certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Where: 787 Fort Street & 116 – 1901 Sooke Road

Naughty Nellies

As a Fish & Chips joint, ‘chips’ are half the battle, so you know these ones are going to be delicious! According to one of our commenters, the same cook has been frying up these golden boys for 25 years.

Where: 4081 Shelbourne Street

Fish on Fifth 

Four words everyone wants to hear: fresh cut potato fries. These crispy delights make the trip out to Sidney worth it—plus, you can wash them down with some Dole Whip!

Where: 9812 Fifth Street

The Rack Bistro

What’s a burger without fries? Sad, probably. Whether you’re dipping them in ketchup or adding them inside your burger (recommended!), the Rack’s fries are a can’t-beat side.

Where: 2345 Millstream Road

La Belle Patate


Posted by La Belle Patate on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

If you’ve been in Victoria for more than a minute, you’ve heard of Esquimalt staple La Belle Patate. While they’re famous for their poutine, what would poutine be without fries? Literally nothing.

Where: 1215 Esquimalt Road


All fried potatoes are good fried potatoes! At Fathom, they’ve crafted up some delightful potato wedges that are fry-adjacent, but they’re so good they deserve an honourable mention here.

Where: 463 Belleville Street


Feta. Fries. Need we say more? New to the Greek scene in Victoria, Gyrosa has quickly become a top destination for all things Greek—give ’em a try if you haven’t yet!

Where: 102-1517 Admirals Road


You didn’t think we could compile an article like this and leave out the golden arches, did you? Hate ’em or not, McDonald’s fries always deliver. In fact, they’re the most popular fast food french fry choice for many. Try them dipped in McChicken sauce!

Where: Several locations across Greater Victoria


Did we skip over your top fry spot? Let us know your favourites in the comment section below!

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