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Man found hiding under suitcases during traffic stop in Nanaimo


An alleged drug trafficking suspect tried to pull a quick one by hiding under suitcases and large bags during a traffic stop in Nanaimo.

On April 26th, Nanaimo RCMP were conducting patrols in the downtown core, focusing on identifying and monitoring repeat offenders, when they witnessed the apparent sale of drugs from a vehicle.

In a media release, police say during their patrol, officers observed a suspicious activity involving a Mitsubishi parked at the intersection of Victoria Road and Selby Street.

Noticing a “hand to hand” exchange, which they recognized as a drug-for-money transaction, they intervened.

The officers arrested the male driver and female passenger for trafficking.

While searching the vehicle, which was packed with suitcases and large bags, officers discovered a man hiding under the luggage in the back seat.

The individual, later identified as 51-year-old Raymond Gilliland of Nanaimo, was arrested and removed from the vehicle.

The search also yielded multiple swords, large knives, drug packaging supplies, and a quantity of a substance suspected to be fentanyl.

Following the identification process, the driver and passenger were released at the scene. However, Gilliland was charged for possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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