Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Travis Koivula

Columnist for Victoria Buzz, and financial planner with Island Savings Insurance Services. Keeping it simple for you to understand the best ways to save and spend your money. What financial question do you need answered?

14 basic and brilliant ways to stretch a student budget

On average, Canadian students now graduate with over $26,000 in debt at the end of a four-year degree program.

Here are 9 tips to afford a summer escape

Vacation like an investment advisor.

“Longevity Effect” one of the biggest risks to financial security

According to reports from market researcher Ipsos and the Canada Revenue Agency, Canadians aren’t saving enough, they’re spending too much and living much longer...

Parents have the will but lack the skill to teach their kids about money, survey says

November is officially Financial Literacy Month in Canada—and the importance of raising our children to be financially savvy can’t be understated. To that end, Island...

Three ways to manage your money in the wake of Brexit

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has thrown the economy into a tailspin: global stocks are all over the place, the pound fell...

Five ways a new baby will change your financial picture

There’s nothing quite like the news of a first child on its way, to make couples start "adulting" when it comes to their money. When...

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