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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Canada News

Canada Revenue Agency site goes down amidst tax season

As if filing taxes wasn’t fun enough already 🙄

Truck driver responsible for Humboldt Broncos bus crash receives 8 year prison sentence

The deadly crash claimed 16 lives.

Facebook launches measures to combat the spread of vaccine misinformation

The platform will no longer cater to anti-vaxxers

Payless Shoes to host the largest liquidation sale in retail history after announcing closure

They need to get rid of $1 billion worth of merchandise

BC is in 3rd place after first half of the 2019 Canada Games

Can you guess which province is currently #1? 🥇

The oldest man in Canada just passed away at age 110

He lived through 2 world wars and countless recessions

Federal Auditor General Mike Ferguson dies of cancer at age 60

He had been undergoing treatment since last November

Nanaimo RCMP Bear completes his cross-country journey to Newfoundland

He’s now Newfoundland RCMP’s newest mascot!

54 Canadians contract salmonella poisoning from recalled breaded chicken

People in 10 different provinces have become sick
made in canada

It’s official: BC is the loneliest province in Canada

At least people like us more than Quebec!

Over half of all food in Canada is lost or wasted each year (REPORT)

Almost a third could be redistributed to people in need.

Almost half of all Canadians are just $200 away from not being able to...

1 in 3 said they did not make enough to cover their bills.

World travellers rank Canada as the second most beautiful country on the planet

Second only to Scotland.

Canada plans to accept over 1 million new immigrants in the next three years

Immigration accounted for 80% of the country's population growth in 2017

Canada ranked 6th most democratically free country in the world

The U.S. was ranked #25

VicPD K-9 helps nab wanted man with Canada-wide warrants related to homicide

He was convicted of manslaughter in the death of his 10-week-old son.

Ministry of Transportation announces strict new drone regulations for Canada

No more drinking and droning.

Shoppers Drug Mart is officially Canada’s newest licensed cannabis retailer

But you won't find an eighth of weed on the shelves anytime soon

Semi-truck driver pleads guilty to all charges in Humboldt Broncos bus crash

The crash claimed 16 lives

Durex issues Canada-wide recall on one of their lines of condoms

Apparently they don’t pass the company's “burst pressure specification.”

Canadians’ donations to charity down 32% since 2006 (STUDY)

Americans are donating almost 3x as much as Canadians per average income

Police can now demand mandatory breathalyzer tests for drivers across Canada

People who refuse the test can face a minimum fine of $2000

These are Canadians’ top Google searches in 2018

We had some very interesting things to ask the search engine this year

Canada’s second emergency alert test is happening TODAY

Keep an eye on your phones, Victoria!

Senate ends Canada Post strike with back-to-work legislation

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has been on strike for the past 37 days

Nationwide emergency alert test scheduled for November

Don't worry, it's just a drill.

Canadian postal workers’ rotating strike returns to Victoria after third failed negotiation

The first 24-hour postal strike in Victoria occurred on October 22nd

Canada’s new vertical $10 banknote will go into circulation next week (PHOTOS)

With a portrait of the first Canadian woman to ever be featured on a regular banknote

Victoria shipyard among 3 to receive $7-billion federal government contract

5 of the ships are already docked in Esquimalt

Vancouver Island man sets new marathon record for Canada

The last record was unbeaten for 43 years, and was set in 1975.

Canada Post’s country-wide rotating strike begins in Victoria today

The strike will last for 24 hours before rotating to different cities.

Canadian government will pardon people with prior cannabis possession convictions

People who served time for possessing under 30 grams of cannabis will be eligible for pardons

Canada’s Women’s Soccer team qualifies for FIFA 2019

The score was 7 - 0 for Canada!

MacLean’s ranks UVic 2nd best Comprehensive school in Canada

Students also ranked UVic 4th in Canada for Student Satisfaction

Here’s what you need to know about flying with cannabis in Canada

Cannabis will be legalized in Canada on Wednesday

Victoria MP introduces bill to remove criminal records for minor cannabis possession

“This bill is about righting past wrongs, and it will help hundreds of thousands of Canadians to get on with their lives.”

Canada and United States have reached a deal on NAFTA

The trilateral deal has been renamed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

World War II veteran from Victoria honoured at Winnipeg Jets game (VIDEO)

We're not crying, you're crying! 😭

Canada’s ban on trans fat officially goes into effect today

Trans fats raise "bad" cholesterol" and lower "good" cholesterol

UVic working on plans to create marijuana smoking areas

Legalization is slated for October 17th

National rowing team considers relocating from Victoria’s Elk Lake

The national Olympic rowing team has practiced in Victoria since 1984

Province to create almost 1,400 new child-care spaces over the next decade

Have you been having trouble finding child-care?

Canada and U.S. return to NAFTA negotations

President Trump has promised “punitive tariffs” if a deal is not reached

These 3 UVic professors have been elected Royal Society of Canada fellows

It's the highest academic honour in the country
maple mountain

B.C. Government partners with local communities to tackle wildfire prevention

2018 was the worst year for wildfires in BC on record

Canada Post workers consider strike or lockout this month

A job action could commence as early as September 26th

Sunday night shooting in Toronto kills 1, injures 13 (VIDEOS)

BREAKING: The shooter himself died in an exchange of gunfire