Monday, March 1, 2021


Mask Thumbs Up

Ford on Fridays: the benefits of living in a pandemic

There are at least 6 things!...maybe 5.

Ford on Fridays: the next great Hollywood blockbuster will be in Victoria

Selected scenes from a script of pure genius.
Lunar New Year decorations

Ford on Fridays: what is Lunar New Year? Let me dim summarize

It's the year of the METAL OX, which sounds aboslutely badass.
Wall St.

Ford on Fridays: why’d you have to go and make things so stonkplicated?

Who needs Occupy Wall St when you got dem stonks?
Screaming at Phone

Ford on Fridays: Bell, Let’s Not, or, how I learned to keep worrying and...

#BellLetsTalk might not be cutting it this year.
Unsplash dog box

Ford on Fridays: Five modest pitches for a Little Free Life

Enter the bacon boudoir.
New Year's eve

Ford on Fridays: What’s the best-before date on New Year’s posts?

Staff writer Tim Ford offers his thoughts on the bright future of 2021.
BC Ferries Sign

Social media users give BC Ferries a hard time over mask signage

Because being soft on COVID-19 is not an option right now...

B.C. Attorney General forgoes video appearance after viral Twitter account rates his room 1/10

"@Dave_Eby seems to have some particularly cruel kidnappers."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Vancouver Island mansion just went up for sale and...

... and it’s absolutely filled with Suits memorabilia!

A magical unicorn was spotted clearing snow in Sooke (VIDEO)

Who said they were extinct?! 🦄

Hilarious Nanaimo RCMP tweet about snow day turns out to be fake

"...please refrain from doing Bad Things" 😂

This epic viral airport reunion happened in Victoria (VIDEO)

Viewed over 10 million times! 🦖

Victoria cafe hosting breakfast sandwich fundraiser event on Tuesday morning

All proceeds go towards purchasing pediatric care equipment for Victoria General Hospital!

‘Satan’ shows up to Courtenay Christmas parade after newspaper typo announces his arrival

And just like that, 'Pictures with Satan' became a real part of the parade 😂

Comedian Jim Jefferies leaves crowd laughing hysterically during stop in Victoria

The famous Australian-American comedian left the audience in fits of laughter

Social media reacts to the 43rd Canadian Federal Elections

Some people didn't know HOW to feel about last night's results

Victoria municipalities explained using Simpsons characters in meme

Oh, and Duncan is in there too! 🍻

This Victoria Buzz follower created a hilarious Bingo card about our comment sections

He's a self-proclaimed "seasoned memelord" 😂

Family Feud is coming to Canada and hosting auditions in Victoria this September

Interested families of five can apply online now!

Seth Rogen gives a shoutout to Vancouver Island in response to New York Times...

Dont mess with Seth and his love for Canadian cuisine! 🇨🇦

Star of popular CBS show ‘Mike and Molly’ will perform in Victoria next month

Emmy-nominated Billy Gardell is bringing his best stand-up comedy!

This Victoria comedian wants to make you laugh for a good cause

Mark your calendars for this unique comedy fundraiser at Hecklers!

Hilarious Bingo card makes fun of construction-laden Victoria streets

It’s funny because it’s true! 😅😢

National CBC comedy contest winner is hosting a show in Victoria tomorrow

Give it up for the "awkward young man with good jokes"!

8 April Fools pranks that might have had you second guessing

Are we the only ones that wish some of these were real?

WATCH these sledders get intercepted by a giant rat in Victoria (VIDEO)

WARNING: This'll make you cringe...hard
Jon Dore Big Questions Huge Answers

5 reasons to watch Jon Dore’s ‘Big Questions, Huge Answers’ comedy special in Victoria...

He once tried to bring a live bear onto Conan 🐻🎤

Victoria parkade gives jaywalker a little dose of karma (VIDEO)

Excuse me, sir, do you have a ticket?

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Katya Zamolodchikova is coming to Victoria this March

Charisma. Nerve. Uniqueness. Talent. 💅

This American city wants to blow wildfire smoke back to Canada – with fans

There's also an event that wants to throw rocks at the smoke to make it go away 😂

Victoria couple smash car window to save stuffed toy dog

The owners aren't too upset though

This ‘open air’ bachelor suite could be yours for $750 a month

It's "fully furnished" and "pets are considered" 😂

12 recent ScanBC tweets that’ll make you LOL

Everyone needs a good laugh now and then 😂
Canadian apology

This is what each province’s favourite slang is according to Google

Canucks, toonies, and keeners galore!

Velma the Velociraptor spotted in downtown Victoria this morning (VIDEO)

Did you hear her screeeeeech?! 🦖