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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Community Partnership

8 must-see vendors at this weekend’s Village Block Party on Cook Street

Food, beer, and adorable dog races... what more could you ask for?

Watch the 121st Island Farms Victoria Day Parade HERE

Thanks for joining us! 🎉

9 things to know about the 121st Island Farms Victoria Day parade happening this...

#9: You can watch the parade live on our livestream!

Here’s how you can WIN $600 in prizes by watching our TC10K livestream (CONTEST)

Gym memberships, gifts cards and more!

Victoria Buzz will be LIVE streaming the TC10K for the first time ever

It's the TC10K's 30th anniversary!

5 boxers to watch for at the Canadian Boxing Championships in Langford next week

Two of them hail from Vancouver Island!

Canada’s top boxers to compete at Langford’s Bear Mountain Resort this month

It's the biggest Olympic boxing event in the country!

Victoria’s Cheese and Meat Festival unveils a new venue

You have to see their new location đź‘€