BC provincial government announces new legislation to abolish BC’s gender pay gap

In 2022, women in BC. earned 17% less than men.

Here’s how the latest Bank of Canada interest hike will affect Victorians

We asked an economist to explain it simply.

BC could feel the hardest impact of impending recession

It’s expected to last upwards of 12 to 18 months
living wage

BC poll finds 40% of residents are struggling to keep up with the cost...

71% are struggling to save for retirement.

7 ways Victorians can cut costs and save money heading into the new year

“Get off your a** and make your own meals.” 💸

Sticker shock: Vancouver Islanders should brace for a spike in grocery costs in 2023

Our wallets are about to get a little lighter. 😢

Over 60% of British Columbians feel they can’t keep up with the cost of...

And 3/4 Canadians say they're stressed about money. 😬

BC’s minimum wage will increase to $15.65 as of June 1st

Making it the highest minimum wage of any province

British Columbia’s minimum wage is increasing by 45 cents on June 1st

The first province to tie minimum wage increase to inflation

City of Victoria seeking public input on 2022 draft budget

Residents can provide feedback via an online survey or a virtual town hall.

Canada named ‘most cashless’ country in the entire world

We also reportedly have the filthiest currency in the world 🤢

6 surefire ways to survive and thrive in 2021

You made it through 2020, now what? 🤔

5 tips and tricks on how to survive adulthood in 2020

#2: Get help with your money!

B.C. projecting $12.8 billion budget deficit for 2020-21 fiscal year

Virtually all sectors of the economy are projected to experience decline this year before starting to bounce back in 2021.

Trudeau announces plans to extend Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Details to be announced later this week

B.C. unemployment rate rises to 13.4%, nationwide jobless rate hits record high

The previous record was set in 1982.

Two million jobs lost in April as Canada faces “unprecedented” drop in employment: Statistics...

In B.C., 396,500 jobs were lost in March and April 

B.C. extends temporary layoff period to 16 weeks amid COVID-19

Originally anyone laid off for longer than 13 weeks would have to be permanently let go

Applications for $1,000 B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers are now open

A whopping 16,389 people applied within the first 45 minutes of the website launch

Saanich approves reduced property tax rate increase of 2.4 per cent

Victoria, Sidney, and Colwood have eliminated the annual tax hike altogether

Canada’s largest credit union cuts credit card interest to 0% for people facing financial...

Members affected by COVID-19 can defer payments for up to six months

Canada’s big banks cutting credit card interest rates due to COVID-19

Along with increasing tap pay limits for customers.

Federal government unveils $82 billion financial assistance package for Canadians

Here's a breakdown of what this means for individuals and businesses

Here’s how to check if you have unclaimed cheques from Canada Revenue Agency

People are finding hundreds of dollars in unclaimed cheques

Adulting 101: 6 foolproof strategies to spend less and save more (CONTEST)

And you could win enrolment to a summer crash course on the subject! 💸

Nearly 50% of Canadian parents concerned that paying their child’s student debt will delay...

Roughly 1 third of post-secondary students graduate with over $10,000 in debt.

Adulting 101: 5 things you need to know before tackling your taxes this season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 🎵

Almost half of all Canadians are just $200 away from not being able to...

1 in 3 said they did not make enough to cover their bills.

The average British Columbian thinks they will need $1.07 million to retire (POLL)

16% said they were “very confident” they could reach their goal.

Canada and U.S. return to NAFTA negotations

President Trump has promised “punitive tariffs” if a deal is not reached

Nearly half of Canadians spend more during summer than other seasons (SURVEY)

Despite spending more money in summer, only 19 per cent of Canadians try to save during the first half of the year.

Liquor servers to receive minimum wage boost from province (REPORT)

Piece-rate farm workers and resident caretakers are also included in the wage hike.
BC Legislature

Here’s everything you need to know about B.C.’s new speculation tax

The NDP government expects that 99% of British Columbians will not be affected by it
Viola Desmond $10 Bill

New Canadian $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond released today

Viola Desmond was a successful black businesswoman who was jailed, convicted and fined for defiantly refusing to leave a whites-only area of a movie theatre.
Federal Budget 1000 Bill Legal Tender

Federal Budget 2018: Legal tender ended for $1000 bills

Got some vintage paper currency lying around?

14 basic and brilliant ways to stretch a student budget

On average, Canadian students now graduate with over $26,000 in debt at the end of a four-year degree program.
Back to School

Here are 10 money-saving back to school shopping tips

Where did the time go?!

4 ways to manage the increasing interest rates

Step 1: Stay calm

Here are 9 tips to afford a summer escape

Vacation like an investment advisor.

The Canada 150 toonie is secretly glow-in-the-dark

The new toonie, features a stunning design of the iconic Northern Lights that GLOWS IN THE DARK!

North Saanich couple lose over $20,000 to email “Phishing” Scam

A North Saanich couple recently contacted Sidney North Saanich RCMP to report that they were out a significant amount of money as a result...

Victoria police warn about counterfeit U.S. currency

Fraud investigators with VicPD are warning about an increase in reports of counterfeit U.S. currency. Since November 1, Victoria police have responded to 24 reports...

Got that sinking feeling? Avoid it with these 5 tips

You know that feeling?  The one where you walk away from an interaction and your gut starts churning.  Part of you just knows that...

“Longevity Effect” one of the biggest risks to financial security

According to reports from market researcher Ipsos and the Canada Revenue Agency, Canadians aren’t saving enough, they’re spending too much and living much longer...

Victoria youth hardly “carefree” struggling to find balance new study finds

Millennials are often derided, criticized for their lifestyles, lack of responsibility and too much time spent on mobile devices. Yet, a 10-year study by...

Parents have the will but lack the skill to teach their kids about money,...

November is officially Financial Literacy Month in Canada—and the importance of raising our children to be financially savvy can’t be understated. To that end, Island...

Cost of payday loans to drop under new regulations

The borrowing rates of payday loans will be lowered under new regulations announced today. As of Jan. 1, 2017, the maximum allowable charge for a...

Canada’s household debt is now bigger than its GDP, for the first time

OTTAWA - The appetite of Canadians for debt continues to grow to record levels. The ratio of household credit market debt to disposable income...
living wage

BC’s minimum wage increases today by 40 cents

Anyone earning minimum wage in B.C. will receive a small boost on their next pay check. The hourly rate is rising from $10.45 per hour...