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Friday, December 2, 2022

Federal Elections 2021

Liberal Party will form minority government after 44th Federal Election

Trudeau got the victory, but not the majority.

Federal Election 2021: Here’s who’s projected to win their riding on Vancouver Island

Polls closed at 8 p.m. PST, with many results to be tallied.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau wins seat as party predicted to form minority government

Votes are still rolling in, with many still in line at polling stations.
Trudeau Singh OToole Leaders

Federal Election 2021: Liberals and Conservatives in tight race as Canadians cast their ballots...

Trudeau's Liberals and O'Toole's Conservatives are in a tight race.

Federal Election 2021: Here’s how to cast your vote in Greater Victoria

Voting day is tomorrow! ✅

Federal Election 2021: These are the 5 major candidates running for election in Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke

NDP MP, Randall Garrison, has held this seat since 2011.

Federal Election 2021: Here are the five candidates running for election in Victoria

The NDP and Liberals have had a stronghold over the Victoria riding for more than three decades.
Trudeau Singh OToole Leaders

Federal Election 2021: Here’s where each political party currently stands in the polls

O’Toole and Trudeau are currently tied.
Trudeau Singh OToole Leaders

Here’s how to watch the Canadian federal leaders debate tonight: Election 2021

COVID-19 recovery, reconciliation, and climate change are among the topics being debated.

Liberals make election pitch to ban foreign ownership, build more homes

The Liberal’s plan intends to save a first-time home owner upwards of $30,000.

Here’s who is running in the 2021 federal election on Vancouver Island

Canadians will hit the polls on September 20th.
Trudeau Singh OToole Leaders

Liberals hold federal voting lead, Trudeau most favoured leader in poll

More people chose "none of the above" over Erin O'Toole.

Social media reacts to the 43rd Canadian Federal Elections

Some people didn't know HOW to feel about last night's results

Liberals form minority government after 43rd Canadian federal elections

They secured 156 seats in the House of Commons

City councillor Laurel Collins wins Victoria riding for NDP

She will now have to step down from her role as city councillor
Justin Trudeau

Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau wins seat in Quebec

With 50.8% of the vote
elizabeth may

Green Party leader Elizabeth May wins seat in Saanich-Gulf Islands

For the third term in a row

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier loses seat in Quebec

The seat in his riding went to Conservative party candidate Richard Lehoux

Liberals close in on majority as polls close in Canada’s 43rd federal elections

They're just 25 seats away from a majority

Here’s how to cast your federal elections vote in Greater Victoria

Polls open at 7 a.m. tomorrow ✔️

These are the 5 major candidates running for election in Saanich-Gulf Islands

Do you know who you're voting for on Monday? ✔️

These are the 5 major candidates running for election in Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke

The incumbent MP, Randall Garrison, is running for re-election

These are the 5 major candidates running for election in Victoria

Just three days away! ✔️

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer pledges to eliminate carbon tax and GST on utility bills

He also says a Trudeau-NDP coalition will "cost you thousands of dollars more every year".

Former US President Barack Obama just tweeted his support of Justin Trudeau

And the bromance continues...

Canada’s federal political parties were just graded on their climate change policies

Guess who "did not attend science class"? 😬

Jagmeet Singh helps gain momentum for NDP in British Columbia (REPORT)

Canada could be headed towards a minority government
elizabeth may

Green Party leader Elizabeth May pledges to plant 10 billion trees across Canada over...

That's 30,000 hectares of trees every year until 2050

Jagmeet Singh will be marching in Victoria’s Climate Strike rally tomorrow

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May will be marching in Montreal alongside Greta Thunberg

Trudeau campaign pledges $40K interest-free loans to help make homes energy efficient

The Liberal Party also pledged to reduce Canada's net emissions to zero by 2050

NDP “New Deal” plan for BC will focus on protecting coastlines and affordable housing

"Our priorities here in BC ­­­are not our Prime Minister’s priorities."