Old Victoria

These four infamous shipwrecks occurred around Vancouver Island; here are their stories

Some were humorous and some quite tragic.

Then and now: Get to know the past, present and future of Bastion Square’s...

It was built over 134 years ago.

The story behind the 1989 Inner Harbour plane crash not many Victorians know about...

It went down nearly 34 years ago to the day!

Watch as the Port Alice pulp mill is demolished after 104 years (VIDEO)

It had a long, sordid history!

Over a century in review: Fairmont Empress Hotel celebrates 115 years of service in...

Shirley Temple stayed to evade kidnappers!

17 beloved former businesses Victorians wish would return to the capital city (PHOTOS)

Click here for some sweet, sweet nostalgia. 🤩

20 years later: Do you recognize these Victoria youth in YTV’s hit show Uh...

This popular game show came to Victoria! 🎭

This time capsule will take you on a Vancouver Island trip from Victoria...

Recognize any of these places?

Take a walk through Beacon Hill Park in the 1950s with this historic 8mm...

Take a peek at old Victoria! 🎥🎞️

On this day: Remembering a Victoria tragedy that left 55 people dead (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

It goes down in history as one of BC's worst transit disasters.
Muirhead House Historic

Restoration work underway at historic Victoria house gutted by fire

The house dates back to 1905.

Step back in time with this footage of the Pat Bay highway from the...

Can you spy any familiar spots?

105-year-old Victoria food market to be shut down and redeveloped into apartments (PHOTOS)

Redevelopment of the building will begin in May 2020.

Local restaurant unearths 100 year old horseshoe during renovations

This mysterious historical find at Pagliacci's Restaurant is turning a few heads 🧐

Take a look at one of the first newspapers ever published in Victoria –...

Oh, how the times have changed!

Victoria’s beloved double-decker tour buses will be getting an eco-friendly upgrade this fall

As charming as they are, some of these vintage double-deckers are neither fuel efficient, nor good for the environment.

This skateboarding video filmed in Esquimalt will take you back to the mid-1970s (VIDEO)

Pack your short shorts we're going skating in the 70s.

Buzz Throwback: A History of Saanichton’s Prairie Inn

Talk about history!

Old footage shows what downtown Victoria looked like in 1907 (VIDEO)

The century-old cityscape is surprisingly recognizable!

Fairmont Empress Hotel hosts grand re-opening ceremony (VIDEO)

The Queen has returned, courtesy of Nat Bosa. Just three years after the Vancouver-based developer bought Victoria's most iconic hotel, the Empress now has a...

1926 footage of the inner harbour in downtown Victoria (VIDEO)

Who doesn't like to look back in time? Especially when it is of your own home town. This short home video was taken in 1926. It...

Character homes go for a drive around downtown Victoria (PHOTOS)

It isn't a sight you get to see very often, two 100-year-old homes being driven through downtown Victoria. That happened in the wee hours...

The Blizzard of 96 in Victoria B.C.

In December of 1996 the city of Victoria B.C. was hit by a snowstorm that would be remembered for years to come. The video is...

Bringing Water to Victoria Documentary

The development of the Sooke lake flow line from 1913-1915 was one of the greatest engineering accomplishments in BC at that time. With current...