25 things Victorians want to see more of throughout Greater Victoria

We asked and you responded!

Curt’s Cocktail Corner: Here’s an Irish one for ya

I recently found out I’m 19% Irish!

Curt’s Cocktail Corner: A Cherry Blossom Gimlet to welcome spring

A local take on a classic! 🌸

Curt’s Cocktail Corner: A pink rose gin drink for Valentine’s Day

Surprise your significant other. 😉

Curt’s Cocktail Corner: On weekends we hail Caesar while we brunch

Whoops, my Alberta is showing.

Curt’s Cocktail Corner: This local libation is called the Harbour Air

Hope you like purple as much as Prince did!

Curt’s Cocktail Corner: Toronto is better and Fernet-er than Manhattan

This one may or may not cure worms! 😲

Curt’s Cocktail Corner: Let’s get bougie with a Laphroaig Project

It’ll be your new favourite cocktail, I promise.

Curt’s cocktail corner: The boulevardier may be the Christmas drink for you

Move over negroni sbagliato, you’re old news!

Curt’s Cooking Corner: Brown butter snickerdoodles to help you feel happy

Because everyone needs more cookies in their life. 😌

Ford on Fridays: be it resolved

I was planning to write something funny. Then Betty White died.

Ford on Fridays: thankful for the chance to be thankful

Making a list, thanking it twice.

Ford on Fridays: in it for the long haul

I went to Calgary. Reckless?
Friday Friyay

Ford on Fridays: the freakiest of Fridays

My building doesn’t have a 13th floor.

Why are there so many Teslas on Vancouver Island? (OPINION)

Is it money, weather, and environment — or all three?

Ford on Fridays: a funny thing happened on the way to the (online) forum

Thinking of the person who’s listening.
Be Kind

Ford on Fridays: The path towards kindness

At the very least, don't add hatred to the world.
Screaming at Phone

Ford on Fridays: Bell, Let’s Not, or, how I learned to keep worrying and...

#BellLetsTalk might not be cutting it this year.
Unsplash dog box

Ford on Fridays: Five modest pitches for a Little Free Life

Enter the bacon boudoir.
New Year's eve

Ford on Fridays: What’s the best-before date on New Year’s posts?

Staff writer Tim Ford offers his thoughts on the bright future of 2021.

Opinion: How Pride movements in Victoria are often not inclusive spaces

"Overall, Henry feels unsupported by local organizations and nonprofits, saying that trans and two spirited people are 'largely invisible or tokenized.'"

5 key moments from last night’s BC leaders debate

Doctor vs. ‘Premier Dad’ and the Green leader who could

UK tabloid newspaper takes shots at North Saanich, calls it a ‘characterless backwater’

She says Vancouver Island has "freezing winters and a brief six week summer" 😳

8 unwritten hockey game etiquette rules every fan should know

Yes, this might be the most Canadian list ever.. 🏒

Jeremy Caradonna: Let the people vote – A referendum is needed on the Crystal...

An op-ed by Victoria council 2020 byelection candidate, Jeremy Caradonna

Opinion: Why you should support local Victoria charities instead of The Salvation Army

Taking a look at the history of one major organization this Pride month

Canada needs better cannabis waste guidelines to prevent Greenhouse Gas emissions (OPINION)

Unclear guidelines have forced processing facilities to turn to make-shift methods

February snowfall caused serious accessibility issues for disabled people in Victoria (OPINION)

Many handicap parking spots were used as spaces to plow snow into

Canadians want to ban keeping whales and dolphins in captivity (REPORT)

But opinions are mixed when it comes to discussing the merits of zoos and aquariums

5 stores that could replace the Sears at Hillside

And no, Target isn't one of them.
forest fire

Opinion: Fire-fighting helicopter pilot speaks out against Martin Mars Water Bomber

"For everyone who is sharing and commenting on the Media article about the Martin Mars Please stop!!!" The pilot wrote.

OPINION: Clash of ideas at UVic. Is it ever okay to restrict free speech?

Earlier this month, protests broke out at the University of Victoria over the screening of a TED Talk and Skype Q&A session led by...

Best #VictoriaBuzz Instagram Photos! Feb 22 – Feb 29

This island has some fantastic Instagram accounts. So each week we compile a selection of some of the best photos, that used the hashtag...
BC Transit Bus Lane

From a Victoria bus driver to you

Opinion piece from Craiglist: Hey Victoria bus riders! Or bus lamenters...whatever. You can come in, too. I am a Victoria area bus driver, and I personally...

Vacant Victoria – A look at vacancy rates in the downtown core

Dear Victoria. I love downtown. It’s vibrant, fun, cultured and for a city of only 350,000, incredibly diverse. And, despite the reputation, you can actually...

The Cost of Compassion: The Economic Impact of Refugees

Dear Victoria, Did you know that we aren’t taking in any government sponsored refugees? I didn’t. In fact, every Syrian refugee who has made their...

In the Cards – A Trip to Psychic Song

Dear Victoria, I’ll admit it, I’m a wuss. I don’t like scary movies. I hate haunted houses. And I don’t know what a panic room is...