Thursday, February 25, 2021


The sights and sounds of Mars: new Perseverance rover footage released (VIDEO)

No word yet if Mars is a David Bowie fan.
Perseverance First Look

First images sent back from Perseverance Mars rover (PHOTOS)

The rover will begin collecting samples shortly.

Here’s how you can watch NASA’s latest Mars landing (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Less than one hour to landing! (12:55 p.m.)

Victoria-based company included on annual TIME Magazine invention list

Anvy Technologies is behind Sepura, the world’s first sustainable food disposal system

The 58th annual VIR Science Fair is happening in Victoria this weekend

Last year’s 17-year-old winner developed a probe to aid in spinal surgeries.
Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum accepts donation of 18,000-specimen fossil collection

Many of the fossils are of species new to science

Cigarettes make up half of the waste recovered on Victoria’s shorelines

UBC researchers analyzed data from 1,126 voluntary cleanups along the B.C. coast

Research into brain proteins could lead to new treatments for depression

The research was conducted at the University of Victoria.
strawberry moon

There will be a Strawberry Moon over Vancouver Island tonight

Fingers crossed for a clear sky tonight! 🌕

UVic celebrates 100 years of astrophysics at 49th annual CASCA conference

The conference is partly a celebration of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Saanich

These students are bringing 100,000 fish back to Victoria’s harbour

The reef balls will provide a high-quality fish habitat for the area
Environmental Assessment British Columbia

Provincial government to review British Columbia’s environmental assessment process

The review aims to ensure transparency and respect of First Nations' legal rights.

An incredibly rare solar eclipse is taking place over Victoria on August 21

People in Victoria will be able to see a 90 per cent solar eclipse.
sperm count

North American men have lost over 50% of their sperm count over the last...

Just under 43,000 men took part in the research.