Victoria Public Market team have applied for a zoning change to allow a brew-pub for the building

Photo by Helene Cyr

Townline, the folks that developed and own the Victoria Public Market, have applied for a zoning change to allow a brew-pub to move into the building. It’s unknown if it’s for the space that was formerly occupied by the failed Smoken Bones restaurant.

Jayson Brown, a resident nearby the Hudson building, posted on VibrantVictoria saying he received this notification in the mail:

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  1. Victoria Public Market is dead in the water. Having a brewpub will help, but much more needs to be done to make this market a success.

  2. The VPM has been a success as far as I have seen, with even more housing being built above it to ensure more customers. The brewpub is a great addition.

  3. I’m from out of town so I’m not a regular but I can honestly say it’s always been very busy or busier every time that I’ve been there. It’s terrific.


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