‘Bonafide roof-rippers’: Some of Canada’s top comics to perform at Rifflandia this year

And there will be tons of local talent!

This popular downtown Victoria pizza shop is bringing a new slice of comedy to...

You’re gonna want a pizza this! 🍕
Queen of Alberni

15 BC Ferries pet peeves you should know about that annoy your fellow passengers

“Seats are for bums, not luggage” 🧳

Just For Laughs tour with Rick Mercer coming to Victoria this month

Get ready to laugh! 😂

Club stench: Viral online rant claims Victoria club-goers aren’t up to snuff with personal...

"You smell gross; do something about it." 🤢
Thank you

Ford on Fridays: so long, and thanks

Volunteer at a shelter. Donate money. Run for office. Pick up trash.

Ford on Fridays: bursting the bubble

Sooner or later, we have to get out of our bubbles.
Single at Christmas

Ford on Fridays: spending your holidays as a single human during COVID

Another Christmas, another COVID wave.

Ford on Fridays: ghost hunters and the panic-rationalize response

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Ford on Fridays: What Dreams May Come

*JERRY SEINFELD VOICE* “What’s the deal with dreams?”
Gloomy Weather

Ford on Fridays: Weather the Weather

Whether the weather can be weathered or not.
Doughnuts Office

Ford on Fridays: the human garburator

What can I say? Free food shouldn’t go to waste.

Ford on Fridays: adventures in grandma’s backyard

Who needs the Amazon?
Flair Airlines

Ford on Fridays: like a flight out of hell

What if this is as good as it gets?
Emergency Stuff

Ford on Fridays: taking an interest in the world around you

'Be prepared' is both an excellent motto and a great Disney song.

Ford on Fridays: the five people you’ll date in Victoria

YYJ? More like SwipeYJ.
Roger the Marmot

Ford on Fridays: the hunt for the yellow-bellied marmot, or, Roger’s way

A tale of man vs. marmot, and the quest for a photo.
Bailey petting

Ford on Fridays: 8 simple rules for petting my doggo

Dogs are love. Dogs are life.

Ford on Fridays: Wet hot Victorian bummer – super tips to keep cool

Earth too hot? Why not try Mars!
Bailey dog trailer

Ford on Fridays: Bailey-Traily adventures and impulse buying

Bailey the pitbull/corgi is ready for action.

Ford on Fridays: learning about Victoria with 1-star Google Reviews

"Too many canadians"
Star Signs

Ford on Fridays: your astrological guide to Greater Victoria

From time to time, people ask me: Tim, what’s it like living in Victoria? Is it different depending on which part you live in? Well,...

Ford on Fridays: a post-COVID guide on how to human

Human interaction was overrated.

Ford on Fridays: lessons I have learned in two years of Island life

Saanich. Saanichton. Chicken bacon Saanich.
Mother's Day

Ford on Fridays: mother knows best, and we should at least know better

Let's set a new precedent.
RPG dice

Ford on Fridays: During COVID, don’t take the initiative: roll for it

Everyone wants to get in on that sweet D&D action.
Mask Selfie

Ford on Fridays: vaccine selfies for the physically insecure

"I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. AstraZeneca."
Seagull Unsplash

Ford on Fridays: they call me the scat man. The bird scat man.

"I guess I should be thankful."
Squirrel Unsplash

Ford on Frid- er…Thursday: an unspecified number of truths and lies

Squirrels are monsters and other maybe truths.
Ever Given Satellite

Ford on Fridays: space junk and the ever given nature of life

Let us all be giant problem boats.
Broken old clock

Ford on Fridays: rage, rage against the saving of the daylight

Those clouds aren’t going to yell at themselves
Bicycle Side

Ford on Fridays: baby’s first bicycle adventure in Victoria

At what age is it socially acceptable to have a mid-life crisis?
Mask Thumbs Up

Ford on Fridays: the benefits of living in a pandemic

There are at least 6 things!...maybe 5.

Ford on Fridays: the next great Hollywood blockbuster will be in Victoria

Selected scenes from a script of pure genius.
Lunar New Year decorations

Ford on Fridays: what is Lunar New Year? Let me dim summarize

It's the year of the METAL OX, which sounds aboslutely badass.
Wall St.

Ford on Fridays: why’d you have to go and make things so stonkplicated?

Who needs Occupy Wall St when you got dem stonks?
Screaming at Phone

Ford on Fridays: Bell, Let’s Not, or, how I learned to keep worrying and...

#BellLetsTalk might not be cutting it this year.
Unsplash dog box

Ford on Fridays: Five modest pitches for a Little Free Life

Enter the bacon boudoir.
New Year's eve

Ford on Fridays: What’s the best-before date on New Year’s posts?

Staff writer Tim Ford offers his thoughts on the bright future of 2021.
BC Ferries Sign

Social media users give BC Ferries a hard time over mask signage

Because being soft on COVID-19 is not an option right now...

Nanaimo man dressed in saran wrap and underwear spotted at Woodgrove Mall

Meanwhile in Nanaimo… 

B.C. Attorney General forgoes video appearance after viral Twitter account rates his room 1/10

"@Dave_Eby seems to have some particularly cruel kidnappers."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Vancouver Island mansion just went up for sale and...

... and it’s absolutely filled with Suits memorabilia!

6 comedy events in Victoria to lift your spirits this winter

Get ready to laugh! 🎭