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Shenanigans: An all queer and femme comedy cabaret show coming to Victoria next week


Theatre-goers, lovers of exceptional comedy, or the curious passersby, we’ve got a show for you!

Intrepid Theatre invites you to check out their new Cabaret Series, Shenanigans featuring a stacked cast of local-ish stand-ups prepared to deliver you the ultimate laugh riot. 

As described, the Shenanigans cast carries a selection of the brightest, funniest and most charming comedians together in an all femme and queer lineup, guaranteed to deliver side-splitting, tear-inducing laughter!

The show will be hosted by Emily Woods, with headliner Katie-Ellen Humphries—from CBC’s The Debaters as well as the Fringe Festival’s sell-out hit No Worries If Not. 

Also included are stars Scarlet Chen, Patti Savard, and Julya van der Sloot.

“It’s going to be a knockout,” Humphries said in an interview with Victoria Buzz.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the other acts because they’re all people that make me laugh.”

(Scarlet Chen / Intrepid Theatre)

She mentioned that Chen and Savard are from up-island, so it will also give audiences in Victoria the opportunity to listen to comedians they wouldn’t normally see. 

She added that as a femme and queer show, it’s giving visibility and representation to performers and audience members that wish to see more diversity on stage. 

“It will also be a space where anyone who wants to come to the show can feel comfortable…it’s a genuinely all-encompassing, all-welcome space,” Humphries said.

“Very often in comedy those are groups that have been attacked or marginalized by stand-up comedians, so that is for sure off the table.”

Praising Intrepid Theatre’s work, she highlighted how thoughtful and inclusive their spaces always are, which is why she loves working with them so much and was thrilled to return for another performance. 

The Fringe Festival was Humphries first performance with Intrepid Theatre and her show No Worries If Not was a sell-out! It was so popular that Intrepid decided to bring her back in the fall, which was also a sell-out. 

“One other thing, is that one great thing about shows like this is that it has a pretty early start time,” she laughed.

“So you’ll come out, have an excellent time with laugh after laugh, and—I know Victoria will love this—you still have the option to get to bed at a reasonable time!”

Humphries grew up in Victoria and has been a professional stand-up comedian for over 10 years, having dreamed about it since childhood. 

And although she began to “cut her comedic teeth” in Victoria, there weren’t as many opportunities back then for young comedians, so she’s always thrilled to see such a growing and thriving comedic scene in the city.

She said she’s always around for anyone that’s hoping to crack into the comedy scene and receive some advice or guidance, as it’s better to support and lift up the community as opposed to gate-keep.

Tickets for this event are $20 if purchased in advance, or you can go through their Pay-What-You-Ten option. 

10% of tickets are available for $10 as a part of the Pay-What-You-Ten program, and is offered in an effort to make theatre more accessible to equity-seeking groups, newcomers, artists and arts workers, and anyone for whom cost is a barrier.

Intrepid Theatre advises that this is a 18+ event and there will be adult themes and language being used. 

Intrepid Theatre’s Shenanigans

  • Where: Metro Studio Theatre, 1411 Quadra Street
  • When: Friday, March 8th at 7:30 p.m.

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