About Us

Victoria Buzz, established in 2012, is a dynamic digital media outlet serving the vibrant communities of southern Vancouver Island.

From humble beginnings in a basement suite office, we’ve grown to establish our headquarters in the heart of Saanich at Uptown.

Founded by Victoria native Mike Kelly, our platform has been dedicated to delivering timely news, engaging stories, and insightful content tailored for residents of all ages, from GenX to Millennials and Gen Z.

With a commitment to local journalism and a passion for storytelling, Victoria Buzz continues to be a trusted source for the latest happenings, events, and cultural insights in our region.

Our team of talented writers and contributors work tirelessly to keep our audience informed, entertained, and connected to the pulse of the community.

As we evolve with the digital landscape, we remain rooted in our mission to empower and enrich the lives of our readers through engaging content and impactful storytelling.

Join us on our journey as we continue to celebrate and showcase the best of southern Vancouver Island and from time to time, further north!