File photo May 17, 2016. ItkasanImages/VictoriaBuzz

One woman is in custody, after a Victoria Police officer was injured while making an arrest in “Tent City” this afternoon.

Just before 2 p.m., two special-duty officers assigned as part of the enhanced public safety plan around “Tent City” spotted a woman who was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

When officers attempted to apprehend the woman, she fled from police by running into the encampment.

According to acting Chief Del Manak, a struggle ensued during the arrest and as a result, one officer was injured. “During the struggle, there was some yelling and screaming going on with her and some other occupants, so there was a bit of a commotion,” explains Manak.

The injuries were minor, but the officer is being treated in hospital.

The woman is currently in custody for her outstanding warrant, with police also recommending a charge of Assault of a Police Officer.

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  1. Regardless if they had decided to shut down tent city or not, why was there zero law enforcement until now? Because the Province owns the property? That was an excuse.

    Had there been some small form of oversight or enforcement, then it would have been contained.


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