Image: Lawn of Victoria’s courthouse prior to Tent City.

Remediation work is underway on the lawn of Victoria’s courthouse to remove contaminated soil and prepare it for a new public space and a children’s playground.

Soil samples were taken from the site after the tent city homeless camp was dismantled.

Test results showed the presence of contaminants, including lead, gasoline, diesel and trace amounts of methamphetamines following the dismantling of the homeless camp.

Nine of twenty trees on the property will be removed and replaced with new trees to improve sight lines and increase public safety.

The remediation will also include the removal and replacement of the top 1.5 feet of soil.

The restoration work is expected to be completed in February.

The playground will be for children of all ages and abilities, but will also have features for adults and seniors, such as chess tables and seating benches, which will be ready for use sometime this year.


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