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The Salt and Pepper Fox is opening a casual take-out location downtown.  And it’s in the smallest possible location in all of Greater Victoria.

The operation will serve take-out sandwiches and drinks from a 44 square-foot storefront in the hip “Lower Johnson” retail district, at 569 Johnson St.  It’s the former Smoking Lily clothing shop.

Currently, Salt and Pepper Fox delivers lunch to downtown locations every weekday.   Customers order by 3 pm the day prior, for delivery the following day.  Owner Liam Quinn says the new take-out shop will allow people to browse and pick up orders between 11 am and 3 pm, six days per week, with no pre-ordering necessary.

Quinn says that the meals will still be prepared at their Viewfield Road commercial kitchen in Esquimalt, and the menu at the new location will be the same as their delivery options.

Currently, Salt and Pepper Fox prepares baked goods for wholesale delivery to a stable of commercial vendors in the mornings; then they switch to their lunch preparation.  A typical weekday can see them prepare from 15 to over 100 lunches for delivery.

A precise opening date for the lower Johnson shop is not yet available, but updates will be posted to their Facebook page.


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