A Saanich Peninsula farmer caught a pair of alleged thieves on camera stealing food and cash from his fresh produce stand, which uses the honor system and locked cash box.

Jon Valade posted photos on Facebook from a surveillance video showing one of the alleged suspects jumping over the stand and stealing the items, while another person sat in the vehicle waiting.

Valade also warned, “this ‘person’ has been going around the farm stands on the Peninsula and stealing produce and money.

Several other farmers in the area have since commented stating thieves also hit their farm stand.

Maya Carter wrote the following, “I’m one of the farmers who was recently robbed.  Not sure if it was the same guy, but just so you all know, most of us farmers supplement the farm with our regular jobs, we never break even, and our egg sales just help feed animals.

I hadn’t collected money from my lock box for almost a week, so he got away with a lot of money. If someone needs food they could always knock on my door and explain their situation I’d be happy to help out, even though we are struggling too,” Carter added.

It’s unclear if it the other farm stands were affected by the same individuals; however, a Brentwood Bay residents posted a warning last May after suspects, matching the farm stand theft, stole bottles and cans from her front yard.

We raise money for charity by collecting bottles and cans, and we work hard at it and do a good job. Two men, one young and fit looking and the other older and a bit scraggly looking have regularly stolen bottles and cans from my front yard,” Lesli Steeves wrote on Facebook.

Steeves also provided the description of the vehicle, which matched the vehicle seen in the surveillance photos from the farm stand theft, “they drive a newer blue Chevy Cruz.”

She was also able to capture the cars license plate which was provided to police at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Central Saanich police or their local police detachment.





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