Signalling in a Roundabout

Signals matter...

Posted by BC Transportation and Infrastructure on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Forget bike lanes. Victorians apparently need to learn how to use a roundabout.

In a video released by the BC Ministry of Transportation, Victorians were used as an example of what not to do in a roundabout. More specifically, a distinct lack of signal usage was highlighted in their video.

The roundabout chosen for the video is the infamous McTavish Road interchange in North Saanich.

What to do

The Ministry would like to remind everyone of the signaling protocol for roundabouts:

  • RIGHT SIGNAL upon entry means you are taking the first exit
  • NO SIGNAL upon entry means you are taking the second exit
  • LEFT SIGNAL upon entry means you are taking the third exit

All drivers are required to signal RIGHT once they approach their desired exit.

Drivers using the recently opened Westshore Parkway and McTavish interchanges may find this especially relevant, as they are largely governed by roundabouts.

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