This morning, at around 10 AM, Oak Bay police officers preparing for the Remembrance Day ceremony on Beach Drive responded to a pedestrian’s call about a man crying for help from the ocean.

The two officers immediately noticed a man who was clinging to the side of his moored sailboat in the Oak Bay marina – he clearly wasn’t able to pull himself back on board.

With help from a nearby boater, one of the officers was able to reach the man and safely pull him out of the waters.

The man, who is in his late 50s and is estimated to have been shoulder-deep in the water for over 25 minutes, was given immediate medical attention once brought to shore.

“He had been climbing out of the boat into his dinghy and slipped and fell into the water. Due to pre-existing injuries, he wasn’t able to pull himself back in,” says Cst. Brett Stewart, who pulled the man out of the water and got him to safety.

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