This winter, the Victoria Cool Aid Society will be able to get 52 more homeless people off the streets and into a new temporary housing facility.

According to a CHEK News report, the Victoria City Council recently voted to allow the organization to turn the empty Tally-Ho Hotel into a temporary transitional housing facility in January 2018.

A lot of the first tenants at the location will be transfers from the Choices transitional housing centre in View Royal which is slated to close at the end of 2017.

The site was purchased by the government to assist low-income people

The Douglas Street hotel was purchased by the B.C. government after being an operational hotel and restaurant/bar for 56 years.

The province paid $9.3 million for the site to be used as a housing facility for people with low income struggling with mental health or addiction problems. It will be owned and run by the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

The 52 tenants of the housing facility will be served one hot meal per day, and a light breakfast.

The building will be staffed 24/7 by two resident support workers, a full-time client services worker, and a full-time on-site supervisor.

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