Have you been following the FIFA World Cup matches this year?

It all culminates this weekend, as Croatia faces up against France in what has been the most unpredictable tournament in living memory.

With world class football teams like Germany, Brazil, and Argentina not even making it to the semifinals, this year’s World Cup has been one for the underdogs.

France v. Croatia

That being said, it’s not too big of a surprise that France has made it into the final. With one World Cup title under the belt (1998) and a ranking of 7th in the world, they’re heading into Sunday’s game as fan favourites.

On the other hand, the Croatian team has only appeared in the FIFA games on five occasions, before which the country was a part of Yugoslavia.

However the team finished in third place in their World Cup debut in 1998, so there is precedence for the country’s excellence in football.

And this year, the Croatian team is full of some of the most talented players in the world from clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus. They’re also the only team left that has won every single match in the World Cup so far.

Don’t miss this momentous event!


Saturday, July 14 – Third-place game

  • 7 am PT / 10 am ET: England vs Belgium

Sunday, July 15 – World Cup final

  • 8 am PT / 11 am ET: France vs Croatia

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