One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure!

After someone left their old mattress and couch at a bus stop in James Bay, one Victorian decided to take the opportunity to poke fun at the city’s well-established housing crisis.

The user going by the handle ‘RyMo’ took to UsedVictoria with a photo of the assortment of furniture and put up a post entitled ‘$750 Open-air Bachelor’.

The comedy continues

At first glance, $750 for a bachelor suite in James Bay sounds enticing enough to attract the curiosity of any Victorian.

I mean who doesn’t want a fully furnished bachelor suite for less than $1,000 that’s within walking distance of “Thrifty Foods, and all James Bay’s charming coffee shops and liquor stores”?

But you can practically hear the sound of all those low-rent apartment dreams shattering as people take a look at the photo and read further into the post.

“Organic washroom located in suite with seasonal foliage for the times you run out of toilet paper,” the ad continues. “Natural bathing off beautiful Holland point is a mere two blocks away.”

It even tells you to have references and a damage deposit ready and discourages people who party or make loud noises at night from applying. “Best suited for working professionals as sound will carry” –  well they’re not wrong there!

Interested? Take a look at the post here. 

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