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UVIC group launch campaign with a mission to provide upper-limb prostheses to people in the developing world


The Victoria Hand Project is a non-profit organization working to provide low-cost, 3D printed upper-limb prostheses for people in the developing world. Right now they are focusing on getting their hand prosthesis to amputees in Guatemala and Nepal. Most amputees in these countries have no access to prosthetic care due to financial circumstance and lack of infrastructure. Their team is working to provide a prosthesis solution that’s affordable, and produced within the communities where it’s needed. Their unique approach uses 3D printing, and 3D scanning to create a fully custom prosthesis for each amputee.

We aim to empower amputees with a tool that will improve their quality of life. ~  Dr. Nikolai Dechev, director of the Victoria Hand Project

They have just launched an Indiegogo campaign, to help fund their initiative in Guatemala and Nepal. Their goal is to raise $94,000, which will fund new prostheses for 100 amputees, 50 in Guatemala and 50 in Nepal. They will also set up 3D printing locations in each country which will employ locals to 3D print and fit amputees of Guatemala and Nepal with the Victoria Hand Prosthesis.

If you would like to know more about the Victoria Hand Project, visit their website at, or their Indiegogo campaign at

 Our goal is to provide an affordable prosthesis to amputees in Guatemala and Nepal, who would otherwise go without prosthetic care.” Michael Richards, Engineering Assistant with the Victoria Hand Project. ~ Michael Richards, Engineering Assistant with the Victoria Hand Project.


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