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Wondering about water restrictions?


The 2015 water supply outlook is being monitored daily by the CRD. Sooke Lake Reservoir is 84% full (July 7, 2015) which is still within the normal range, although near the low end of the range as a result of summer demand conditions arriving about a month early this year. The reservoir was full at the start of the summer demand period which started at the end of April. The Stage 1 water conservation bylaw is currently in effect, though the CRD may consider starting a higher level of conservation as Sooke Lake Reservoir level projections change.

CRD saythe high temperatures and low rainfall in May and June, and now July, will have an impact on our water supply. Residents are encouraged to reduce outdoor discretionary water use to maximize the amount of water in our reservoirs for indoor use and fire protection. The demand for water doubles this time of year to as much as 220 million litres a day. The Sooke Lake Reservoir has been at lower levels at this time of the year in the past. In 2009, the reservoir was 75.3% full on July 7. The CRD has not implemented Stage 2 water restrictions since the Sooke Lake Reservoir dam was raised in 2002.

To support the important fish populations in the Sooke River, Goldstream River and Charters Creek, the CRD releases water from our reservoirs to supplement flows in these rivers through the summer and during the early fall which is a critical time for fish spawning.

Stage 1 of the Water Conservation Bylaw Use Schedule is in effect May 1 through September 30, each and every year.

The CRD appreciates your water saving efforts and would like to thank all residents in the Capital Region for your continued support.

 Water Conservation Bylaw Lawn Watering Schedule

Even Addresses Odd Addresses
Lawn watering allowed
Wednesdays & Saturdays
4 –10am and 7–10pm
Lawn watering allowed
Thursdays & Sundays
4 –10am and 7–10pm

Water Conservation Bylaw Information

The Water Conservation Bylaw applies to any customer of CRD Integrated Water Services receiving drinking water from the Sooke Lake Reservoir, including residents, businesses and municipalities in the Greater Victoria area.

  • Trees, shrubs, vegetable and flower gardens may be watered by hand using a hose with a shut-off device or hand held container, or micro/drip irrigation system, on any day at any time.
  • Trees, shrubs, vegetable and flower gardens may be watered with a sprinkler on any day, but only during the designated watering times.
  • The Water Conservation Bylaw prohibits the waste of water, caused by, but not limited to, the damage or deterioration of any water-using appliance that results in water waste, or using more water than required to provide a service or complete a task, including over watering plants, and allowing a tap or hose to run unnecessarily.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Bylaw
  • Stage 1 Water Conservation Fact Sheet

For complete bylaw information, please see the full version of Water Conservation Bylaw 3061.


Source: CRD

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