RASTA Sanctuary

RASTA Sanctuary will be temporarily closed while SPCA and RCMP investigate the death of four potbelly pigs believed to be poisoned.

Earlier today, RASTA Sanctuary posted the following message on their Facebook page:

Yesterday I found one of my potbelly pigs dead. She was perfectly healthy the day before and displayed no prior symptoms so I took her body in to the vet for a post mortem examination. Later in the afternoon I found two more of my potbelly pigs dead, both of which were also healthy prior to with no signs of illness. A second pig was taken to the vet for a post mortem examination and I called the RCMP and the SPCA.

Later in the evening I noticed another one of my potbelly pigs missing and when I found her she was slumped over and quite lethargic, displaying symptoms of poisoning so I immediately called out an emergency vet. We tried desperately to save her but she died shortly after.

There are currently investigations taking place and the RASTA Sanctuary will subsequently be closed to the public until further notice. All volunteer opportunities and visits have been effectively canceled. I am unable to accept any food donations at this time so please don’t drop them off. I will not be replying to comments or answering messages for some time as the animals and their safety is my priority.

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