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Sea King helicopter makes controlled emergency landing


On Thursday October 8, a military Sea King helicopter made a controlled emergency landing on the beach at the foot of Mt. Newton X Road, after a hydraulic failure.

Four people were on board and no injuries were reported.

The helicopter landed safely at 12:15 p.m on Cordova Spit near Mt. Newton Cross Road and and the Patricia Bay Highway.

The Sea King is with the 443 squadron, part of the Air Force based at Victoria airport.

Crew were able to get chopper fixed and it lifted off around 5:15pm this afternoon.

Paramedics having a little fun after the Sea King landed safely on Cordova Spit – Photo credit Victoria Buzz
Crew in green were on-board the Sea King being interviewed by Police- Photo credit Victoria Buzz
One of the paramedics that arrived on the scene takes a photo with Sea King Helicopter – Photo credit Victoria Buzz
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