The Ehang 184. The first-ever Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. Photo from Ehang website.

Chinese company Ehang unveiled the world’s first commercially available passenger drone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Ehang 184, looks like a large drone – except that it has a small cockpit in the middle capable of carrying a single passenger.

It is expected to be available in 2016 for between $200,000 and $300,000. The Ehang 184 is all electric, and will be able to transport a single passenger up to 220 pounds, for roughly 23 minutes of flight at a maximum height of 500 meters. If anything should go wrong, a human pilot is expected to take over the controls from a remote command station.

To take it for a flight will require no pilot’s licence. It will be controlled from your mobile device: The passenger will punch their destination into a mobile app and will then have only two possible commands: “take off” and “land.”

Specifications of Ehang 184
Specifications of Ehang 184

Inside the cabin is a single seat, similar to an F1 racing car seat. In front of the seat is a tablet console, where the passenger can easily input commands. The cabin’s built-in air conditioner automatically adjusts the in-cabin temperature. It comes complete with 4G Wi-Fi Internet.

Here is the official launch video:

The company believes the Ehang 184 has huge potential, not just for transportation, but also for retail deliveries and shipping, as well as medical care.

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