While Caleb Harding was taking part in the 8th Annual Wave Hunt, a surf competition at China Beach, he came across a glass bottle that contained ashes and a short message inside it.

The message is from “Biker Bob” whose ashes are contained in the bottle. It reads, “If you find me, turn me loose.

According to the log on the back of a sheet, “Biker Bob” has travelled from Nanaimo, been out for a beer, and then to Victoria where he was tossed in the water.

We found him at China Beach and are planning to take him for a beer and then setting him off from Tofino for a true, pacific voyage.

Harding is hoping anyone that comes around this story will share it so that Biker Bob’s friends/family may see that his journey is going well.

Funnily enough I’ve already come in contact with the fella that found him in Nanaimo, but would love for his friends/family to rest assured he is still travelling.

Update: We believe we might have tracked down Biker Bob’s wife. We will update once we have more information.



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