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The driver of a half-loaded concrete semi-truck was listed in critical but stable condition, after his vehicle crashed into a large tree outside the Red Lion Inn and Suites, Thursday morning.

Just before 11am, Victoria and Saanich Police received multiple calls of a semi-truck that had apparently crashed into the front of the Red Lion Inn, at 3366 Douglas Street.

The vehicle was heading northbound when it drifted across two southbound lanes and hit a large tree. The impact knocked over the large tree and destroyed a concrete stairwell outside the Red Lion Inn.

A portion of Douglas Street was closed for hours after the crash. Both southbound lanes were closed until after 5 p.m.

Surveillance video released by the hotel, shows the truck driving directly into the tree – completely crushing the cab of the vehicle. The driver side-door pops open from the impact, seconds later, the driver is seen getting out of the truck on his own, appearing to have been uninjured.

When Saanich Police arrived, they found the man sitting on a retaining wall, he had some blood on the side of his face, but he was conscious and talking to police.

Brenden Kelly who works at Suburban Motors Ford tells us, “It shook the whole dealership and it was heard in the service department, which is quite a ways away. Smoke was coming from the engine of the truck and the driver appeared to be okay, sitting down in front of the Red Lion. Emergency response was there within 5 minutes. They’re still trying to find out exactly what happened, it appears the truck either lost control or was avoiding another vehicle and ran over a huge tree, then tipped over.”

Adam Wadden, a mechanic at Suburban Motors, tells Chek News he heard a couple loud explosions,  when he looked outside and saw smoke, he and his co-workers ran out and saw the carnage – describing the scene as very intense.
The driver had some blood running down his face, but he seemed to be alert and aware of what was going on.
Miraculously, despite how busy the Douglas corridor is – no other vehicles or pedestrians were involved.  Investigators are looking at the possibility that the driver might have had a medical issue that led to the crash.
Police crash analysts, commercial-vehicle inspectors and WorkSafe B.C. staff were at the crash site.
Photo from Brenden Kelly
Photo from Brenden Kelly



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Photo credit: Greg Parish
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Photo credit: Greg Parish

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