Colby James Messer - Photo via Denver Police

Warning: Some details are graphic and may be disturbing to some readers.

A Victoria man has been charged in a vicious sexual assault of a woman in Denver, and three other Vancouver Island men (one from Victoria and two from Port Alberni) are suspects in the attack.

30-year-old Colby James Messer, was arrested on March 4 in Las Vegas. Last week he faced six charges of sexual assault of a 27-year-old woman. U.S. authorities had been tracking Messer for months, and were able to arrest him when he went to Las Vegas, to propose to his girlfriend.

According to police, back in November, the victim had planned to celebrate her birthday and was on her way to a bar with a female friend, when she met two of the attackers. The Canadian men bought her drinks, and took her back to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. She did not recall how she arrived at the hotel, nor how she came to be sexually assaulted by the four men. She woke up bleeding from her vaginal area and possibly her anus.

The graphic details of the assault are found in an affidavit at the Denver Police Department. The victim alleges that the men used a hotel phone receiver, TV remote control and the base of a lamp in the sexual assault. It is believed one of the attackers may have recorded the assault on his mobile phone.

The Denver District Attorney’s office, says Messer was released with a US$300,000 cash bond. Conditions of his release include that he must surrender his passport, remain in Denver and wear a tracking device.

The three other Vancouver Island men are considered suspects, and the investigation is ongoing.