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Gondola based transit system launches in Victoria


Summit Gondola Network or SGN, an alternative energy transportation network, with their urban gondola systems are transforming city planning with plans to significantly reduce traffic congestion and pollution in cities around the globe.

With scheduled city launches throughout North America in 2016, SGN is happy to announce it will be gracing the skies of their first test city, Victoria BC on April 1st.

The SGN looks to challenge primitive urban transportation methods with a solar energy alternative transportation system. Each gondola in SGN is a revolutionary fully electric, IoT connected device with a max distance of 1024 km per charge and comes with built in ride-sharing technology.

The SGN ticketing center will be located at the Summit building with ticket sales available at YourSGN website.

Prices will be: $8.38 for a 1 day pass – $83.8 for a 1 month pass – $838 for a seasons pass

The first line is scheduled to launch in June 2016 with stops located at:

  • The Summit – 838 Fort St
  • VIATEC – 777 Fort St
  • The Tech Park – 1124 Vancouver St
  • Space Station – 517
  • Fort St – Humboldt Valley – The Hudson – Bastion Square – Centennial Square – Inner Harbour – Crystal Gardens

 “We believe that corporate culture and employee experiential satisfaction is key to finding and retaining top talent. We’re proud to provide gondola passes to all of our team.” ~ Will Fraser, CEO, Referral SaaSquatch

We studied gondola networks from China to the UK to North America and believe this will transform the world of Metropolitan transit.” ~ Owen Matthews, Chairman, Alacrity Foundation

I can’t wait to ride this. Honestly, I don’t even know how this hasn’t happened before.“ ~ Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC

“We are the only company who is actually building a real full-scale urban gondola system. Though I don’t expect us to be the only company looking at the benefits of urban gondola transportation systems.” ~ Mr Summit, CEO of SGN





Happy April Fools Day! 🙂

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