Image: Victoria Police

Three people are in custody following a dangerous police chase through the streets of Vic West on Friday afternoon.

A suspect who is known to police, was driving a white SUV on Craigflower Ave and being pursued by police.

As the SUV neared vehicles up ahead, the driver began driving on the wrong side of the road.

He then attempted to speed by a dump truck. The truck driver, aware of what was transpiring, moved his truck to block the vehicle from passing him and getting away from police.

The suspect’s vehicle then collided with an on-coming car. The suspect took off on foot and ran towards a person on a moped. Chek News reports, that the suspect then began punching the scooter driver in the head twice, knocking him to the ground.

He then jumped on the moped to try and flee, but quickly lost control and wiped out, sliding the moped under the dump truck.

At this point, witnesses say a police dog was released and grabbed onto the suspect, ending pursuit.

The suspect had to be treated at the scene by BC Ambulance and was taken into custody along with two others.

Chek News will have an update on their 5 pm news cast.