File photo May 17, 2016. ItkasanImages/VictoriaBuzz

One woman is in custody, after a Victoria Police officer was injured while making an arrest in “Tent City” this afternoon.

Just before 2 p.m., two special-duty officers assigned as part of the enhanced public safety plan around “Tent City” spotted a woman who was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

When officers attempted to apprehend the woman, she fled from police by running into the encampment.

According to acting Chief Del Manak, a struggle ensued during the arrest and as a result, one officer was injured. “During the struggle, there was some yelling and screaming going on with her and some other occupants, so there was a bit of a commotion,” explains Manak.

The injuries were minor, but the officer is being treated in hospital.

The woman is currently in custody for her outstanding warrant, with police also recommending a charge of Assault of a Police Officer.