First full moon over at Taylor Beach in Metchosin. (Photography by Barry Reid)

Summer is now in full swing, and those on Vancouver Islander had to stay up a little later last night – until the clouds rolled by – to witness a super rare ‘strawberry moon’.

For the first time in nearly 5 decades, there was a full moon during the summer solstice – named by Native Americans, a signal to tribes that it was strawberry season.

The last time the strawberry moon happened on the first day of summer was back in 1967.

Here are 9 photos of last night’s strawberry moon that lit up Vancouver Island in glowing white light.

The beautiful Strawberry Moon rising over Storries Beach last night, south of Campbell River Image: Stephani Adeline
Serious clouds but the “Strawberry moon” shone through. Taken from my balcony near Cloverdale Ave. 11:40 PM. Robert Currie‎
Image: Robert Currie


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