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6 photos of Chris Cornell performing at The Royal Theater


Live Nation presented Chris Cornell for an evening of Acoustic sounds on his Higher Truth tour.

Multi Grammy Award-winning and Golden Globe nominated singer and songwriter Chris Cornell, is the frontman of three multi platinum bands and the chief architect of the grunge movement.  He has written music for many films, including the Bond franchise’s Casino Royale, and Cornell’s music has been featured prominently in film, TV and video games.

Everybody knows that Chris Cornell, with his extraordinary four-octave voice, can bring the thunder, but on HIGHER TRUTH, his game-changing fifth album as a solo artist, the singer/songwriter demonstrates he can also summon a soft summer rain, and much more. An acoustic song cycle filled with subtle pastoral beauty and wistful melancholy, Cornell presents a whole new side of his artistry—one that equals the range of his formidable pipes.


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Colin Smith
Colin Smith
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