Image: Colin Smith Photography

Rifflandia 2016 was such a trip and we’re so glad to have ridden it with all of you.  Thanks to the musicians, the fans, the Atomique crew and everyone else who worked so hard to make this festival amazing.  Cheers to great music.

Here are ten awesome things about Rifflandia:

10. Del the Funky Homosapien.

Del hosted a festival singalong to Gorillaz classic, “Clint Eastwood”.  He played a part in the production of this mega hit and brought it to Rifflandia for a great time.

9. It was the last little bit of summer.

A warm, sunshiny day led us into a cool night. Yeah, there was a bit of rain, but for the most part, it was lovely and those thigh high tights with shorts were totally the right choice.

8. Your friends were here.
One of the best things about festivals is running into people you know. A new friend, an old friend, a work friend, your mom’s cousin’s friend from high school, all of em.  You greet them like they were your best friend, because in a sense they are. We’re all here together, connected for a common purpose and that feels awesome.

7. Fam-jammin.

Parents and kids having a blast together enjoying incredible music in the cool, sunny Sunday. Way to inspire a love of music in your kids, parents! This world will be a better place because of you.

6. Shane Koyczan & the Short Story Long.

Shane’s deeply thoughtful and gorgeously vulnerable spoken word set. Shane and company drew a large crowd of wide eyed wonderers and left everyone in a state of fantastic contemplation.

5. Roper’s Rainy Blues.
The sky opened up tears from heaven during Jesse Roper’s set this year, but the crowd could care less. They raised a beer, toasted our residential king of blues and we all rocked on.

4. Hydration.

Phillips Brewery, you always deliver smiles with that crazy wonderful rig of yours (for those who haven’t seen it, think: ice cream truck for beer lovers). and Merridale Cider, you sweet cup of splendor from the gods, thank you for hanging out with us at Rifflandia 2016.

3. The FOOD.

Pizzeria Primastrada, Tacofino, Dead Beatz, The Melt Truck and more have some of Victoria’s favourite tasty bites on four wheels… a tent in your case, Primastrada. How the heck did you get that brick oven out here?


Festivalgoers pulled out all the stops… and the sequins, the costumes, full blown suits, 80s prom dresses and more spandex than the Rio Olympics.  Riff2016 was a living, breathing catwalk of eclectic styles and we tip a feathered, hipster hat to all of you wonderfully creative people out there bringing your best.

1. Wolf Parade’s transcendent set. Their music gave hints of late 80s independent, post new wave with surprisingly driven drums and a fresh take to the style. A great band, they’re welcome here anytime.

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