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Nanaimo SPCA warning of fake raffle tickets being sold


The Nanaimo and District SPCA issued a warning to be on the lookout for fake raffle tickets being sold door-to-door by a “scruffy” young man.

Nanaimo SPCA posted a photo of the fake ticket on their Facebook page, along with this warning:

”We are sorry to have to report this, but wanted everyone to know. There is an individual or individuals selling fake raffle tickets in Nanaimo.They do not represent us, and this is not an actual raffle!”

The tickets selling for $2 each or 5 for $7 purport to be for a November 1st draw and list three prizes including a Samsung 42″ flat-screen TV.

Nanaimo SPCA told Victoria Buzz they received a call and an email from a concerned person who had bought a raffle ticket.

“We confirmed that they were not issued by us, there is no such raffle, and the tickets are fraudulent!”

A resident in the Cedar area wrote on the Facebook post that two individuals described as “scruffy” men and driving a light gray pick-up, came to her door trying to sell her the fake tickets and that she notified the RCMP.

You are asked to call police if anyone comes to your door trying to sell this particular raffle ticket. You can also call the SPCA branch to check if the ticket is legitimate.

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