Witch over City Hall in Victoria Photo by Doug Clement Photography

As the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest, Victoria has a torrid history that comes to life during the month of October.

The brilliant colours of fall hint at the wealth of vibrant Halloween-inspired activities on offer in British Columbia’s most haunted city.

As you wander downtown, you notice curious occurrences: swarms of bats fluttering between the alleyways, city benches that turn you into a bat, a witch flying over City Hall and, you’re not sure whether you imagined it, but you could swear those trees along Government Street were staring back at you…

The following is a list of spooky additions that will add to the ambiance of the city:

  • Swarm of bats in Trounce Alley
  • Bat cyclone in Centennial Square
  • Six city benches will be affixed with bat wings to transform sitters into bats, perfect for capturing a photo souvenir
  • Trees on Government Street will be lit up in orange and green and some will even have luminescent eyes
  • The Bay Centre will become “The Bat Centre” at the Fort Street entrance, complete with bat cyclone and smoking gothic-style fountain
  • Market Square will become “Market Scare” with special additions to the wrought iron gates and many surprises throughout the property
  • Several black cats will be perched around the downtown core and a witch will be flying overhead City Hall

Share your photos of Halloween in Victoria with the hashtag #VictoriaBOO! 

Written by Tourism Victoria

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