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Catherine Roscoe Barr leading a yoga class on the lawns of the Fairmont Empress. Photo ItkasanImages for Victoria Buzz.

We all know the feeling, drag yourself up in the morning, after hitting the snooze button a few times, stare at your acquaintance’s Best of Life Facebook reel, while throwing back a coffee. Spend the day fighting sugar and coffee cravings, stay up late into the night drinking wine and eating chips in front of Netflix. Then just as you should be falling asleep, you lie in bed with those niggling feelings of self-doubt and reproach circling in your mind, “I’m not good enough,” “Why did I eat that?” “I should have said…”

Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz
Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz

There are ways to reset this way of being, and they involve retraining not just your body, but also your mind. Thanks to the ability of the brain to create new ways of thinking with neuroplasticity, you can literally reshape the way you perceive the world. This October, Catherine Roscoe Barr guided a group at The Luxury Retreat At Fairmont Empress, giving attendees a chance to reset their body, mind and spirit. Victoria Buzz attended and we have put together for you, 7 steps that you can take right now, to experience life in a more positive way:

1. Happiness is a STATE of MIND: It doesn’t matter how much you have or how good you look. How happy you are, is ultimately determined by how you think. It is something that rises from within and is not dependent on external factors. A great way to cultivate a more positive outlook, is to get in the habit of writing 3 things you are grateful for each day, and 1 happy thing that happened that day. This eventually gets your mind trained to look for the positive in everyday life. Learn to marinate in positive experiences, slow down and really FEEL the good things – this hardwires healthy habits. Your brain will remember how good something positive felt and you will be more likely to repeat it!

2. You have personal POWER: Every moment of every day, you have power. Power over what you think, eat, and do. This means the realization that the ability to feel good is in your hands. The little things you do that are good for you, are steps in the right direction and an example of how much control you have over your destiny. A great question to ask yourself everyday is, “What would the best version of me do?” This does not require you to be perfect, but helps you reflect on your choices.

3. Life is PRACTICE: Rather than doing a one week fast, or a 10 day booty workout, focus on practicing every day. Small regular habits, that are sustainable and add up to a lifestyle. That means banishing all-or-nothing thinking, you might recognize that one, for example the tendency to want to be perfect, but as soon as something throws you off track, simply giving up and devouring an entire bag of chips. Remember mistakes happen, dust yourself off and see it as an opportunity to move on. Notice how that bag of chips made your body feel and pat yourself on the back for being aware of the consequences – next time it might be a week before you cave, instead of a day!

Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz
Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz

4. Be KIND and GENTLE with yourself: Self-nurturing, self-forgiveness and self-trust are the foundations to self-love. Taking care of yourself is a gift to the world, it is in fact an act of generosity. When you are well-rested and healthy, you are more patient and have more to give to the world. Forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made, and realize they were an opportunity to learn and get better. Practicing self-trust comes about when you keep promises you make to yourself. If you make a bargain to exercise the next day, and then feel too tired, try to do at least a minute. This builds the important muscle of self-trust, where you know you can trust what you say.

5. Create RITUALS that support a healthy life: We are creatures of habit. If you immediately reach for your cellphone while in bed in the morning for example, this sets the tone of the day. Instead, if you get up and stretch, and have a healthy breakfast before connecting to the rest of the world, this becomes a ritual that enables you to begin your day filled with positivity. Other great rituals occur at bedtime, such as taking a bath, listening to relaxing music, turning off cellphones at a set hour and so on.

6. Be MINDFUL: Part of self-love and utilizing your personal power, is to regularly check in with yourself. Asking, “How does this make me feel?” If the answer in not positive, then change the situation. If you are feeling sleepy, but your friend is keeping you up texting, be aware of what your body is telling you, respect it and say goodnight.

Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz
Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz

7. NOURISH and MOVE your body: Keeping your blood sugar levels stable by eating regular healthy meals, and moving your body – even just a short walk or a few squats at the desk – will help to create a foundation where your mind can be clear and positive. And once again, this comes back to self-love and being mindful of what is working in your best interest.

The next Luxury Retreat At Fairmont Empress will take place February 17-19, 2017 and the waitlist is now being taken.

Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz
Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz


  • an immersive, enthusiastic exploration into YOU!
  • powerful strategies to create a self-care action plan
  • learning alongside an incredible tribe of like-minded individuals
  • amazing nutritious food, including breakfast, lunch and snacks, plus dinner on Saturday evening
  • 3 short and sweet workouts
  • 2 night stay in luxury accommodations
  • closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon
  • 30-minute private coaching session, via Skype or phone (valued at $99)


  • MODULE 1: Neuroplasticity and stress management
  • MODULE 2: Body basics and fitness basics
  • MODULE 3: Rituals for mind-body-spirit nutrition
  • MODULE 4: The science of negative thinking and emodiversity
  • MODULE 5: Positive psychology, gratitude, and happiness
  • MODULE 6: Brain hygiene, meditation and sleep

Get on the waitlist by contacting: [email protected] 

Catherine Roscoe Barr presents The Life Delicious Progra. Photo ItkasanImages/Victoria Buzz.
Catherine Roscoe Barr presents The Life Delicious Program. Photo ItkasanImages for Victoria Buzz.